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Beginner (no knowledge)

Learn English online! This is your opportunity to learn a language whenever & wherever you want!


Beginner A1 level is for students who have no or very basic knowledge of English.

Applying: by email valodas@eiropasskola.lv or by calling 28328834
Price: 138 EUR 
per month or 400EUR for the entire training course at once
Duration of courses: 6 
months (1 timex40 minutes per week)
Start of the next group: 13.06.2023

Not sure which English level you should choose? You can test your level of English in these tests:

Why you should choose our language centre:

  • Specially developed distance learning materials aimed at acquiring all skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing);
  • Ongoing teacher support - you will not be alone during your studies!;
  • Online classes (webinars) in groups 1x a week;
  • Opportunity to have additional individual consultations if necessary;
  • A wide range of tasks online that help you test your knowledge;
  • Study process in small groups to have an individual approach for all students;
  • Possibility to pass an international ECL exam according to your level for a special price.

See our course program here:

 Review from our students:

Anda Berga: 
"A very good opportunity to learn English by distance learning! In my case, it was too difficult to combine work with study and a long way home from Riga. The study platform is very well created - I can listen to both audio tasks and self-tests, which immediately show the right answers. I can listen to the webinars later or join other groups. Of course, the difficulty is that not everything comes together, because I have a farm where I grow strawberries. There are only early mornings and late evenings left for training, but I did it! Because I had the opportunity to do it later. There are very responsive teachers who help to adjust the rhythm of learning. "

Renate Nichiporchik:
"I absolutely agree with Anda. I am also learning English. I have a little different difficulty, but the main thing is that everything is solved in a moment, with maximum support from the administration. Distance learning is the best opportunity to learn if you have a job and family. Thank you!"

Lita Zalane
"My name is Lita Zalane and I am 46 years old. I have been a pre-school teacher for more than 15 years. Why did I choose to study English? Good question! I have been asked this by several people I discovered. But many even supported it. Thank you to my daughter and encouragement, when I seemed to be throwing everything aside, because what to learn at my age! English was easy to learn The previous foreign language I learned during school was German I started from scratch And now I will continue as far as I can Very good that you can learn remotely at a time that suits you I suggest you give it a try! Thank you I hope to apply the knowledge in my work as well."

Our teachers:
Katrīna Vēvere

Ieva Kalniņa