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For young people aged 11-18

 Learn Latvian online! This is your opportunity to learn a language whenever & wherever you want!


The Latvian language lessons for Latvian, Russian, and English speaking teenagers, aged 11 to 18!

Lessons will take place online, in small groups of 3-4 teenagers, or individually.

Applying: by email valodas@eiropasskola.lv or by calling 28328834
Price for group lesson: 20 EUR per lesson
Price for an individual lesson: 25 EUR per lesson
Study cycle: 14 lessons
Frequency: Group lessons 1x a week, individual lessons 1-2x a week
Lesson duration: 40 minutes

Why you should choose us?

  • Interactive games and tasks;
  • Acquisition of all skills (listening, writing, speaking, and reading);
  • Worksheets;
  • Fun and friendly atmosphere.

Topics to be learned: The topics of the lessons are chosen depending on the level of existing knowledge, as well as taking into account your goal - to acquire basic knowledge, improve existing knowledge, focus on a specific skill, or improve language knowledge in general.

At the end of the course, the teen will receive a certificate from the European Distance Learning Centre on learning the Latvian language.

You can apply for our online lessons all year round! We start to organize classes as soon as we can complete one group, taking into account the time zone and the desired lesson times.

One group includes young people of similar ages and native language.


Our teachers


Vija Daukste