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Bērniem 5-16 gadi: angļu valoda

We offer children to learn English in a very interesting way and at a convenient time, in a place: through songs and games - in distance learning!

Classes take place only online, without leaving home & in small groups!

Application: by e-mail valodas@eiropasskola.lv or by calling 28328834
Price: 15EUR per lesson OR 156EUR for the whole training course
Duration of lessons: 12 weeks
Lesson frequency: once a week

One week before each lesson, you will receive information on what materials to prepare. These will be materials that are available to everyone at home - paper, scissors, glue, pencils, etc.

Each lesson has a topic: animals, insects, birds, ocean dwellers, fruits, vegetables.

Each lesson is conducted through song and game. We will sing songs and create beautiful artwork!